Real Time Energy (RTE) is a South African company, that provides products and services to the Energy Industry.

With this technical strength, RTE is able to provide independent energy management, auditing and consulting services for institutions and companies. Our vision is to create sustainable solutions essential to empower people to make informed decisions around their resources.RTE has an infrastructure that allows it to offer services that are secure, reliable and cutting edge. RTE is a technology agnostic product and solutions service provider, and thus recommends the best products and solutions for our clients.

Real Time Energy provides measurement, logging, calculating and presenting of verified energy consumption, loss or savings using innovative data management

CDM Measurement, reporting, and pre-verification services for carbon programmes,and carbon trading for SARS Carbon Tax.

RTE performs energy audits, or energy assessments, for commercial and industrial businesses.

A perfect power supply would be one that is always available, is always within voltage and frequency tolerance and has a pure noise-free sinusoidal waveform.